I translate your concepts and ideas. From English into German. No matter what format they come in. Your documents are more than just words on a page. Make sure they get the attention they deserve. 

I do offer fast turnaround, but not at the expense of quality. Or sense. This is best left to machines that specialize in replacing words with other words.

E-mail me before things go wrong. And, e-mail me anyway when things have already gone wrong.

Document Types:

  • Requirement specifications
  • Declarations of Conformity
  • Test certificates
  • Risk assessments
  • Assembly instructions
  • Operation & maintenance manuals
  • Product data sheets
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Etc. 

Fields of Specialization: 

  • Mechanical engineering (gas, steam, hydro, and wind turbines, mBOP, machine tools, HVAC, railway applications)

  • Automation (process measuring and control technology)

  • Electrical engineering (drives and controls, eBOP)

  • Biomedical engineering (medical devices, laboratory equipment)

  • Process engineering